Starting point

Autoklinikka is the leading auto body repair chain in Finland. The company wanted to organise an event that would attract media attention on national Parking Day.

What we did

During the strategy process we discovered the meaning of a good life at Autoklinikka was safety. We conducted a large-scale consumer survey and examined statistics on accidents and found out that among motorists, parking is one of the most common causes of anxiety and, as a matter of fact, car crashes. We wanted to find a fun way to talk about safe parking. We decided to organise the first national Parallel Parking Finnish Championships. We were responsible for the campaign’s creative design and implementation. The event was open to anyone and Finnish drivers competed on who could achieve the quickest parallel parking time. We also communicated on safe driving at the event.


The Parallel Parking Finnish Championships was of great interest and received a total of 48 media hits in tabloids, newspapers, local media and TV news. The number of visitors to the Autoklinikka website also increased by 21 per cent. The results of the campaign also convinced the panel of the 2018 European Excellence Awards competition to choose the Parallel Parking Finnish Championships to be included on the short-list of the best communication campaigns in the transport and logistics industry in Europe.