Check Point

Starting point

Check Point is a leading provider of cyber security solutions for companies and organisations. Its customers include all Fortune 100 companies, among others. When we started as their communications agency in 2012, the Israel-based company was practically unknown in Finland and the media was accustomed to turning to domestic companies with cyber security matters. The company had a need to improve awareness and be profiled as a cyber security expert and pioneer.


Check Point messaging is well-planned and persistent, but highly reactive. When the Check Point team of researchers identifies and publishes a new vulnerability, reports on a new wave of malware or analyses cyber security trends, we localise the press releases, contact the editors and organise the interviews and expert meetings in cooperation with the European communications department at Check Point and the Finnish office.


Finnish media that report on the IT and cyber security industries know to expect newsworthy content from Check Point so messages and news sent on their behalf are published more often. Instead of merely focusing on the amount of published content, we have been able to make our goal to deepen the media contacts, which has led to an increase the number of expert interviews each year. Check Point is mentioned in Finnish media approximately 10 times a month, on average.