R-Kioski has outsourced some of its communications to us. We have handled the communication for the brand known to everyone already for over ten years. We handle the media relations for R-Kioski and are responsible for all press release activities.

What have we done?

R-Kioski is very active. The innovative chain is constantly developing new events in cooperation with us. In autumn 2016, the chain introduces brassieres onto cardboard take away cups in order to support the Pink Ribbon fundraiser. An international coffee competition with the Swedish Pressbyrå, which is a member of the same Reitan Group, was held the same year. In 2014 and 2017, R-Kioski promoted tolerance with its coffee cups and organised a survey on who is the most tolerant person in Finland. In 2018, R-Kioski distributed joy in the form of jokes included on shopping receipts.


R-Kioski campaigns receive a lot of publicity: there are hundreds of media hits for the press releases we prepare every year.