Starting point

Tesi is a venture capital investment company that accelerates the growth of Finnish companies through mutual funds and direct investments. Tesi had the need to encourage companies onto a growth path, introduce Finnish companies and mutual funds to international investors as potential investments and to help stakeholders understand the operations, results and role of Tesi and other venture capital investors.

Our solution

As a result of the co-operation between Tesi and OSG, we have created a bilingual “Dare to Grow” website, which is intended for growth companies, international investors and influencers. The website contains news, articles, blogs, videos and podcasts. It brings people, thoughts and ideas together. We publish stories on growth and internationalisation, business success and challenges, phenomena and trends nearly every week. The content creation is search engine optimised. Visitors are directed to the website by newsletters tailored by target user groups, sharing content on social media and search word marketing and remarketing. Tesi’s annual report is published fully online with the same main functions.


Dare to Grow represents targeted and analytics-driven online messaging. We constantly receive data on what content generates the most interest among a specific user group, for example, and use the data to develop the website. The number of visitors grew from 1,000 visitors in January to 8,000 in December. The content jumped in search rankings and organic traffic to the website grew during the year. Visitors to the site spent an average of 2.5 minutes on the website.